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KUNFUD® Security Mercantile & Commercial Tort

Security Mercantile is the basic principles of Commercial TORT = Common Courtesy in Conduct. Tort Law is a civil wrong. Tort laws are based on the legal premise that individuals are liable for the consequences of their conduct if it results in injury to others. Tort laws are laws that offer remedies to individuals harmed by the unreasonable actions of others. KUNFUD® detects the tort and reacts on behalf of its clients registering their files forever with immutable record thanks to Blockchain technology.


Tort Law

KUNFUD®’s Commercial Application

A confidential alternative to WIPO/ Trade Secrets of the Company/ R&D Innovations/ On going and upcoming Business Projects/ Independent 3rd party PAYMASTER. Why our protocols? ? Increased focus on core functions/ Accelerated migration to newer technologies/ Improved operational performance/ lower infrastructure investments/Access to World-class capabilities/ Continuity and Risk Management/ Corporate and trade compliance/ Global Anti-corruption compliance CERTIFIED MEMBER at ETHICAL ALLIANCE


We protect what is valuable for you/Works for YOU/ Competitive Analysis/ Attentive Service/ Astute Advice/ Global thinking and networks/ Clear Communication/ Vital mentoring/ Top rank expertise/ Blockchain consulting and commercial applications


We offer a global range of services: Global presence/ Vertical integration/Qualified Consultants/Business Spectrum/ Investor Search/ Business advisory services/ Trade Facilitation/ INclusive Strategies/ Corporate Finance.


Cybersecurity & Bitcoin ringing



Kunfud® analyzes current and emerging issues and produce report to competent organism for public trust. Our values are based on integrity, preserving the environment where honest, respect, trust and excellence can thrive and be consistently practiced. Our Ethical Decision-Making strive for an ethical workplace and it is inevitable implement a model to apply. Kunfud® is adhered to PACI principles. Kunfud®´s expertise also informs the public dialogue on Corporate Ethics and ethical behavior.


We have and Inter-Alliance with Chartered Institute of Doctors of Education at Chile. Inclusive Education: Applying and advisoring by detecting inclusive policies. Corporate Education: We provide outsourcing and offshore services for making closer what is further. Financial Education: We provide financial knowledge at any level. Common Courtesy in Conduct.Contact for our Spcecialized Courses and Masters.


Food and beverage & Inclusive Education

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